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Revolutionizing Scrap Assessment with Advanced Algorithms

Scrade revolutionizes scrap assessment with advanced algorithms analyzing multiple images, identifying categories and contamination levels. It enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and boosts transparency, benefiting decision-making and operations in the scrap industry.
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Our Services as a Software



SCRADE_BOT is an AI chatbot that is trained in scrap trading. SCRADE_BOT communicates directly with suppliers, negotiates prices and terms, organizes pickups, and purchases scrap. SCRADE_BOT can be operated standalone or integrated into existing ERP systems.



SCRADE_DETECT is an AI-based image recognition algorithm that identifies types of scrap, contaminants, and impurities in individual images and provides appropriate indications. SCRADE_DETECT is standardly trained on the European steel scrap list and the metal scrap catalog and can be adapted to other standards. SCRADE_DETECT is ideal for those outside the industry to familiarize themselves with the topic of scrap.



SCRADE_SUITE is an AI-based system for managing ferrous scrap quality. Through an app, an algorithmic assessment of goods received is performed in parallel with an assessment made by a human. The assessment results are centrally stored, including image documentation, and are available for analysis in a BI tool. SCRADE_SUITE consists of SCRADE_APP, SCRADE_PLATFORM, and SCRADE_DASHBOARD.

Our Story

PG Ventures Sp.zo.o., the inventor of the Scrade technology, was founded with the mission of transforming the scrap assessment process. We are dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and provide valuable insights to our clients.

Our Vision

At PG Ventures Sp.zo.o., we envision a future where scrap assessment is conducted with unprecedented precision and speed, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive sustainable practices. This vision will enable the automation of all tasks surrounding the scrap procurement process and support the transformation of existing market structures driven by collection.


We harness state-of-the-art algorithms and image analysis techniques to deliver accurate and detailed scrap assessment results. Our proprietary technology, developed since 2018 and employed in hundreds of thousands of use cases at international scrap yards, sets new standards for efficiency and reliability in the industry. 

Who are we

How It Works

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Our advanced algorithms and image recognition technology enable seamless assessment of scrap materials. With just a few simple steps, users can experience the power of our cutting-edge technology. This advanced technology allows for the safe and automatic evaluation of scrap. This automatic scrap assessment can be used to train new staff, secure the goods receipt at scrap yards, and operate a scrap procurement chatbot.


Scrade ensures swift and precise identification of scrap categories and contamination levels, revolutionizing the assessment process and driving operational efficiency.

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How it works
Industry Today

"Revolutionizing scrap assessment"

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